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Meet Maria

A headshot of Maria Caruana

Mind-Body Life Coach, Certified NLP Life Coach, Pilates Instructor and BodyArt Master Trainer

Maria is a MindBody Life Coach. She is passionate about evolution, community and movement.

She has sought to understand the relationship between mind and body and how to best manage and correct the negative behaviours that prevent us from acting and moving forward.
For years, she has travelled all around the world gathering expertise to create this new concept, a new way of training the body to allow balance in your everyday life.

Combining passion for movement and shifting towards determined intentions in her clients, she’s seen life changing breakthroughs with her clients.


Over the past 15 years, Maria has completed: 

  • Full certifications in Pilates (PEAK Pilates, comprehensively trained)

  • bodyART Master trainer program (bodyART School International)

  • NLP Life coach complete certification (ICIPNL)

  • Yoga teacher training (Wanderlust)


She believes that the best way to teach is to learn for yourself first. Having these certifications has allowed her to focus inwards on what really causes changes in YOU and in YOUR body. Her approach has been said to be “gentle and firm” allowing her clients a safe space to make the changes they need.

By teaching her clients, specific techniques, they are then able to have long-lasting solutions. Fascinated by helping people move physically using Pilates and bodyART and also emotionally through coaching, it gave a whole new dimension to HER passion.

Maria is a pioneer in her own right in connecting with her clients and allowing them to discover their magnificent potential. She believes that you can change at any time in your life, you just need the right tools and mentors to help you along the way.

Hundreds of women have attended her classes and coaching and the biggest reward is that it doesn’t end when you leave the session.

The benefits continue long after the retreat or coaching is over.
As Featured in:
La Presse: L’art du Mouvement
Goss Magazine: 101 Women Entrepreneurs doing Cool Sh*t

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"Do something you love. It will always motivate you to continue."
- Maria
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Take the time to balance your body and your mind

Have you ever felt like your mind is running away from you... all your thoughts spinning so fast that you can't get it to stop?


Ever wonder what it would be like to have that spinning slowdown and stop?


I have the tools to get you there, tools that will find a balance where YOU decide at what speed your mind can run or even stop.


Have you ever felt like your body is not cooperating with you? You have tried all the "right" solutions and still feel like it's not there yet? 


I will lead you to finding the pace which works for you and to your advantage and I will get your body to move. 

Joining the thoughts of your mind to the movement of your body is my speciality. 

Be ready to be motivated, inspired and yes even sweat a little :)

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