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A group shot of women standing at the beach at a Maria Caruana retreat

Disconnect to reconnect better 



I believe that everyone needs to disconnect from the daily hustle of life and take time to BE the person they want to be, not the person they were asked to be.
My purpose is to support YOU in this evolution, through INTENTION AND MOVEMENT.

Maria exercising with her students at a retreat

These retreats are tailor-made for YOU!

  • If YOU’RE tired and need to recharge

  • If YOU need to reconnect to yourself 

  • If YOU need to take a time-out

  • If YOU feel like you never come first on your list

  • If YOU want to move every day with me 

  • If YOU need motivation to get to the next step

  • If YOU want to be surrounded by a wonderful community

  • If YOU’RE just done with everything and can’t deal anymore

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During a retreat, that is catered to YOU, you will learn simple and effective tools and exercises to commit to a deeper understanding of yourself and allow you to focus on nurturing healthier relationships with yourself and those around you.


This TIME FOR YOU will help you:

  • Reconnect with yourself

  • Learn to let go of the feelings that are holding you down

  • Place healthy boundaries GUILT FREE

  • Communicate to have your needs met all the time

  • Start your days with the positive intention

  • Take that step to move forward

Why I have created these retreats just for YOU!

I truly believe that the only way to be balanced is to clear the mind and move the body. This retreat is NOT like all the others. We are told over and over again that training hard is the only way to get results and that psychotherapy is the only way to breakthrough your issues. What if I told you that my method actually does both? It’s the best way to combine your mind to your body and leave with the most impactful takeaways. Because let’s be honest, once the retreat is done and everyone goes home, do you start spinning out of control again? I will give you tools so that when you’re back in your routine and into your habits you WILL have a reference point. My guarantee is that you will not be alone, I will be here as your accountability partner. 

Not everyone evolves at the same time, not everyone is ready to deal with their issues at the same time. That is why in this retreat it is very important to me to ACCEPT YOU AND MEET YOU where you are on the journey.

Not everyone is at the same place physically. Some move a lot and train a lot, others are just starting and some have never moved before today. The great news is that during this retreat ALL PHYSICAL LEVELS ARE WELCOME. All of my classes offer modifications for all levels. You train at your own level. That is why in this retreat, it is very important to me that you come as you are. It is possible, I guarantee it. ** I truly don’t believe in the “no pain, no gain” hype. I believe your body is meant to move and you need to find a way to do this to best benefit your body. Your body is with you all your life, isn’t it time to start treating it a little better?

The real change happens when you combine the mind with the movement of the body.

My guarantee to YOU


I am aware that at this time so many things may seem unattainable, too big, too heavy, too difficult, but trust me, you will come out of this stronger and so proud of yourself for taking that step JUST FOR YOU!

During this retreat there will be workshops to break down what is stopping you today. Through specific techniques and group coaching you will not only have HUGE LIGHT BULB MOMENTS but you will also benefit physically by feeling that your body is strong, flexible and fired up from the inside.

This method creates BALANCE at a deeper level. It offers a lasting effect because now your mind has integrated the positive message and your body has actually felt the benefits. It will yield long lasting results. The lasting effect will be accessible to you at all times even long after the retreat.


What’s really stopping you from coming?

  • It’s time for you to be the NUMBER 1 PRIORITY ON YOUR LIST OF “TO DO”!!!!

  • It’s time for you to change, to take the first step and discover what YOU NEED RIGHT NOW.

  • It’s time to take a step back, recharge your batteries, reconnect and discover.

  • It’s time for a new experience and to discover new tools that will allow you to find yourself and reconnect with the wonderful woman that you are!

Do you still have questions? Wondering if this retreat is for you? Have no fear, I will be more than happy to answer all your concerns and questions during a discovery call!

"You have try it. Step out of your comfort zone. You never know what you will love on the other side."
- Maria
"Maria has helped me to better communicating my needs.
She has made such a positive impact in my life.
Maria led me to better manage my anxiety during a transition
stage in my life. I’ve learned how to set healthy boundaries with all
the people in my life and to move forward in a positive way.

I highly recommend Maria for one-on-one coaching
and her magnificent getaways because they are truly life changing.

Rita Curtillo

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