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«Courage. Patience. Belief.» - Vincenzo Caruana

Updated: May 20, 2023

My dad passed away 18 years ago around this time. I was pregnant with my son. The grieving period for the whole family was very different for each individual. I wanted to talk about him and remember all that I could, others preferred to stay silent as the pain was too much to even bring up memories.

Then my son came along. He asked about my dad all the time and I was more than happy to share the stories of my dad's life. He was an inspiration. He loved to talk and was the family storyteller. He had strong family values and worked to live, not vice versa. He also suffered his fair share of challenges. Challenges that we never thought he would pull through and yet he did.

Going through our own challenges, we came across a roadblock. Unable to find a pathway, we repeated the same negative outcome. In NLP coaching, I have many tools to work with pathways. One is called 'modelisation' and so I decided to use my dad as the 'model' and used this technique to find out how was he able to make it through all the rough periods of his life. Once I questioned my mom and found out the sources the answer was: Courage, patience and belief.

These three words are now our motto to get through our difficult periods and the pathway now leads to a hopeful outcome.

What or who is your model? Not sure, I can help you find it!

I wish you all:

Courage.....for what you need in your life know that it is coming your heart that all will come Maria xx

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