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Does It Take 21 Days To Break A Habit?

Updated: May 20, 2023

Hello everyone!

Have you ever tried to break a habit? 🧐

What steps did you take to succeed? 🤔

Studies show that it takes 21 days to FORM a habit, not necessarily to break it. It can take up to 200 days to stop an existing habit. So if you have tried several times and failed within the 21 days you can be reassured that it might take longer. As a matter of fact, every individual will take a different amount of time.

Ask around. Any of your friends or family tried to quit smoking? Or biting their nails? Or meditate? Or lose weight? Or eat healthier? 💬

Whether breaking an old habit or creating a new habit, it takes time.

It also takes a plan. It also takes help and it also takes support. So if you feel that you are failing more than succeeding you need a different approach.

So if you’re struggling with starting a good habit or breaking a bad one I’m here to help. 🥰

What can I do?

➡️ I will help you make a plan that WORKS FOR YOU.

➡️ I will be your accountability PARTNER for those times where you are struggling.

➡️ I will celebrate your success and provide you with SUPPORT along the way.

Does this sound like a good idea? 🙌

Contact me!!!

For those who wanted a follow up from my last email: “I have a difficult decision to make” well I wanted to let you know that I decided to go ahead with the woman’s retreat. I had told myself that even at 5 people we were leaving and then to add to my happiness we are now 13 and ready to go!

It happens that I too lose hope and faith and confidence in myself, it took some family members (thanks Phil and Alex and my sisters) to show me the value I bring to these retreats and to some wonderful friends who through all these times believe in me and push me forward (you know who you are).❤️

As usual IAM training classes are on Tuesday nights at Studio Otha Yoga so if you want to join me at 7:00 pm, let me know.

AAAAANNND….I’m working on my next project which is going to be amazing and will also be a collaboration. Stay tuned!! With love, Maria

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